News and Events

Annual Calendar

Academic year – Mid of June to Mid of April every year.

Events – Funschool events are conducted with the singular objective to reinforce concepts, recall value of themes taught & to enhance overall stage performance, which helps build character and personality of a child.

Competitions- Drawing & Colouring, Dance, Fancy Dress, Recitation, Story Telling, Puzzle, Memory Game, Quiz & Spell Bee.

Celebrations- National Festivals & All Theme Colour Parties, Through Story telling we build -Respect & Tolerance for All Religions – Importance given equally to all religions, children learn a religious story of each religion (1 story each from – Hinduism, Muslim and Christianity) and Stories or Fables that have a Moral Value which add to a empathy amongst children.

Social Responsibility – As small as they are Funschooler’s learn to share with the lesser fortunate during Festival times of Diwali & Christmas, learn & spread awareness about importance of saving water, electricity, saving trees and helping birds during summer by only keeping water bowls around their homes. Traffic safety and importance of traffic regulations are also imbibed at an early stage.