Our Preschool

Vision- Our Vision is of a time and place where Funschool is the most sought out pre-school for building strong foundations for pre-schoolers. A foundation that helps children grow to become successful responsible citizens with high moral values and energies to shape the world.

Mission- Our mission is to provide the best possible early childhood education for preschoolers by providing a stimulating environment that fosters all round development and builds a strong foundation which gives children a head start to achieve success in their coming school years.

We believe that:

  • Every child is unique and is blessed with different skills and talents.
  • Children learn the best through play.
  • Children learn the best through experiences.
  • Parents and teachers are an integral part of the educational process.
  • We believe that it is our moral responsibility as preschool experts to shape the
  • future of children by working in partnership with families and communities.

Play is the way a child learns what no one can teach him.

Playing comes naturally to children and they progress most effectively when they find themselves in a relaxed , well equipped and stimulating environment. An atmosphere which allows them opportunities for exploration and discovery, at their own pace, through play and play-based activities

Early childhood education is centered on some of the most exciting years of a child’s development. At Funschool, we focus on building a strong foundation for every child that would complement his or her later formal learning .At Funschool, it is our aim that children to make a smooth transition to kindergarten and to a life-time of learning.

Our environment focuses on encouraging children’s independence and choice, to support their learning. We encourage exploration, investigation and fun through freedom of choice, child centred activities and adult support and interaction .Focus is on working with children and their families to support learning and development in order to create a firm foundation through fun ,play based activity nurturing overall skill development all areas of Communication, Language & Physical Development ,Personal, Social and Emotional Development ,Concept building of Literacy , Mathematics ,Understanding the world through art , music and design. Children’s work and creations are valued , discussed, displays and recognition. We encourage parents to spend time each day with their children to enable parents understand what the child has done at school which will in turn build communication , vocabulary ,recall value and memory of the child and also help them discuss and share these experiences with their child.

How does a child play and learn ?

Our ‘Play –while-you-learn’ Pre-school Programs is carefully designed around appropriate activities, which will meet each child’s social , emotional , physical and intellectual needs . Through play ,the concept of nurturing and developing the COMPLETE CHILD is constantly reinforced. It is through their many kinds of play that children begin to understand concepts ,relationships ,cause and effect , size colour , texture , feeling , emotions , signs , symbols and language , The daily schedule is designed to incorporate both self-selected activity ,where leaders may join small groups or individuals during their chosen activities in order to guide and reinforce , and large group activities were children are encouraged to join in with music and movement, songs, finger-play, story-telling, games and language reinforcement activities

“ We are born with an empty mind, with a blank slate (tabula rasa ) ready to be writ upon by experimental impressions” Pierre Coste in ‘The Essay”

“Train up a child in the way he should go , and when he is old ,he will not depart from it “