Preschool Parents


Will my child get the personal attention?

Each child is encouraged to join a core group of approximately 5 children of a similar age, under the care and guidance of their teacher and support staff. Each group is committed to the objective of providing every child with the regular opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities for most part of the day, children will break up into individual or small group activities, regroup as a large group for entertainment, snacks & outdoor play. Our teachers act as facilitators, preparing a learning environment all day keeping the unique and individual needs of each child in mind, challenging him/her with new activities and reassuring him/her with old favorites.

Will my child communicate in English?

A theme–based language curriculum links each of our program’s providing continuity as children move from one stage to the next. Group language reinforcement activities are practiced daily ensuring that native language speakers are encouraged to use English more actively.

How about the health and discipline of my child?

Funschool has its visiting panel of healthcare professionals ranging from Doctors, Dieticians, Dentists and Pediatricians to consultants who monitor your child’s health. We train and discipline children in all areas like concentration, cleanliness, speaking manners and toilet manners .Our teachers are well trained to tackle initial separation of anxiety faced by children.

How can I know the progress of my child?

The progress of the children automatically reflects in their behavior with parents at home .At Funschool, we maintain regular communication with parents through e-mail, letters, newsletters, SMS’s and open discussion at regular intervals.

How do I settle my child into Funschool?

Settling into any preschool is a period of anxiety for both parents and children, some children settle in on their first visit but others may take a little longer to settle in their new environment .We allow the parent, care giver to accompany the child for a few day and for shorter / fewer working hours until the child is settled and then we recommend leaving them with us, enabling us to start to a relationship with the child.

What do I need to send with my child?

Parents need to provide a spare set of clothes, under garments, healthy snacks like idly, upma, chapathi, for snack time & water bottle. For Daycare children addition lunch, spare set of clothes to be provided if you want the child to be changed in the evening, along with a fruit or biscuit.

What supporting documents need to be submitted to enroll my child into Funschool?

We need a Xerox of the birth certificate, 2 passport size photos of the child & a family picture. Complete information about parents, address, contact numbers, emergency contact person & number should be provided. In the event of any change in any information parents should proactively contact the school office and update their coordinates.

How does the Funschool communicate with parents?

Communication is the key to building positive relationships between parents and Funschool staff. Verbal communication is always best and our management teams operate an open door policy for parents. In order to convey important information like up coming events like competitions, exam’s & slip tests we use SMS, Slips & Email. Parents are given a Parent Handbook /Diary which acts as a personal communication diary between the parent and Funschool.

How often will my child go for field trips?

Fresh air and Sunlight are essential source of energy and growth for all children. At Funschool we have permanent access to the outdoor area and children can choose to play inside or outside. In addition we take children on trips and outings in the local area so they can learn about their communities and have access to a wider range of learning opportunities on a quarterly basis.

Will my child be able to sleep during the day?

Many children, particularly under the age of 3 years, will require a sleep time during the day. Our school has ample sleeping facilities for the children, who are offered a rest period during the day, usually after lunchtime if they attend for the whole day. Young babies will follow their own home routine for sleep times as discussed with the child’s parents. If a child does not want to sleep they will be provided with other restful activities.

How do you plan for and assess each child’s learning?

Our staff members are trained to plan for children’s individual learning needs. Staff will observe their key children and identify strengths, development needs and interests and build on these through the weekly plans. Short and medium term plans for the children are displayed in the child’s base room.

Each child’s group teacher is responsible for completing an individual learning Journey for all children in her group. This is an assessment of your child’s progress and allows staff to record achievements against the six areas of learning outlined under the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This also helps staff to understand how your child needs to be supported and enables them to share information with you about your child’s progress at nursery.

What happens if my child has an accident at Funschool?

As children enjoy physically activity and group play accidents can occasionally happen. Our teachers are well trained to give the required needed medical/ first aid assistance. We are located centrally having access to Hospitals & Nursing homes. If a child has had an accident at nursery the parent will be informed immediately after First Aid is provided, if minor incident then the parent will be informed when the child is collected, or dropped personally or communicated through phone call or SMS.

What if my child requires medication?

We will be able to administer any medications subject to authorization from parents or certified healthcare professionals.

What happens if I a.m. late in collecting my child from School?

In a unlikely event that a parent does not collect their child from Funschool on time, then parent needs to call the school and make other arrangements for picking up the child. The school should be duly informed about the person coming to pick the child…etc. If this is unsuccessful then Funschool will contact the nominated emergency contact person and request that they collect the child.

Daycare timing should be followed strictly as 6.30 pm will be maintained as the closing time.

Funschool -Admission Terms & Conditions

Fees: to be paid by cash / cheque in the name of Funschool as per the assigned day of 5th day of the month in advance.

School fees should be remitted at the School office. Fees cannot be remitted through drivers, support staff etc.

Late collection: Late collection of children will be charged at Rs.50/-per 15 minutes only for the daycare.

No Refunds or replacement of fees will be entertained.

Transport fess has to be paid 3 months in advance as per the assigned day of 5th day of the month.

School should be notified –on the person picking your child only 2 people will be authorized.

In case change in the person to pick the child - parent should call and inform the school or child will not be sent.

No tips/gratifications or cash to be given to – driver, helper…etc.

Who should I speak to if I have a concern?

Any concern or complaints the parent has should directly be addressed to the Principal or Office.

Parents are requested not to send your child with

  • Any valuables –money, gold, silver ornaments, mobile phones etc.
  • Fancy stationary – erasers, pencils & pens.
  • Junk food –like chocolates, chips, biscuits on a daily basis.
  • The school is not responsible for any loss of valuables if parents send their children with valuables.
  • Who should I speak to if I have a concern?
  • Any concern or complaints the parent has should directly be addressed to the Principal or Office.


Admissions - Start in March every year,

Students Kit - 2 Uniforms Tee shirts, 1 bag, Books & Stationary

Uniform – Monday to Thursday: Funschool Tee shirts, Black Tights, Black Shoes & Socks to be worn on

Friday being a Uniform free day – Any civil /color dress except uniform

Working Days – Monday to Friday

Timings- First Steps / Playgroup– 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 pm

Right start/Nursery, Juniors/LKG & Seniors/UKG – 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 pm

Fees: On enquiry at School Office.