Why Funschool?

Why Choose us?

Funschool builds strong foundation for preschooler and prepares them for regular schools and a lifetime of learning. At Funschool our teachers are trained to follow a teaching methodology that is child centric with complete emphasis on pre-reading & pre-writing skills through –Montessori method (Art & patterns, phonics)

Glen Domain method through sight -reading, conceptual mathematics, story telling and complete focus on reading, writing & Speaking English.

Student to Teacher Ratio – 12: 1

At Funschool parents can be rest assured of comprehensive & overall development of their child.

Funschoolers placed – Our students get admissions to regular schools with ease because of their strong preschool education.

List of Schools
  • Hyderabad Public School
  • Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan’s Public School
  • Gitanjali Group of Schools
  • Delhi Public School
  • Niraj Public School
  • Meridian School
  • Sister Nivedita School